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Andrew Patterson

Andrew Patterson NSWIn 2013, Andrew Patterson ND, B HlthSci (Cmpl.Medicine) had the vision to establish the Natural Medicine Party, now called Health Australia Party, with the view to contesting the Federal election. He believed then, as he does now, that Australian politics is desperately in need of a real alternative.

In 1986, Andrew was involved in the United Nations International Year of Peace, and helped co-ordinate the launch of the Million Minutes of Peace Project in Australia. It reached 88 countries and received seven Peace Messenger Awards from the United Nations. This was followed by involvement in the Global Cooperation for a Better World, which was launched from the Houses of Parliament in London in April, 1988. This project brought about the increased cooperation and understanding between nations, communities and individuals, gathering the hopes and visions for a better world of hundreds of thousands of people in 129 countries. These two Projects were then synthesized into the Global Vision Statement which formed the United Nations Peace Messenger Initiative, and the UNESCO supported publication “Visions of a Better World.”

After studying and graduating as an industrial dye chemist, Andrew felt drawn to study Naturopathy and moved to Coffs Harbour in 1997 with his wife Judy.

Andrew has extensive experience in achieving a balance between working for a living and actually living and in taking responsibility for our body’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

As an innovative and long-standing business manager, Andrew and his wife, Judy have co-run a Naturopathic Clinic in Sawtell. Andrew also runs stress-reduction and Health Retreats at Lightstream Sanctuary, a fifty hectare property, which is self sufficient with Hydro-electricity and Solar power, on the Eastern Dorrigo Plateau. Andrew taught Herbal Medicine and Nutrition for eleven years at the NSW School of Natural Medicine.

Andrew became interested in forming a political party, because he saw the need for a new direction in governance and felt politicians have lost the confidence of the people and that they have failed in representing the people who elected them. He sees that today’s “politicians” have lost their spiritual base and thus their connection with the people, the planet, and the universe.

The name has been recently changed to Health Australia Party in keeping with the Party’s five foundational Pillars to reflect the broad base of its policies.

The Party is founded on these principles to support transparency and good governance in this great country of ours- a democracy that Australia deserves.