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The HAP is running 2 Senate candidates in each of NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Unfortunately we will not be able to run candidates in this election in South Australia, Tasmania nor in the ACT or Northern Territory. In future Federal and State elections we will aim to have candidates in every State and Territory.

Please see details of the eight candidates below. They may be contacted by emailing their State Branches – the addresses are on our Contact page.

New South Wales

Andrew Patterson NSW

Candidate 1: Andrew Patterson

Leanne Paff NSW

Candidate 2: Leanne Paff


Dr Isaac Golden VIC

Candidate 1: Dr Isaac Golden

Kathryn Breakwell VIC

Candidate 2: Kathryn Breakwell


Jason Woodforth QLD

Candidate 1: Jason Woodforth

Sarinah Golden QLD

Candidate 2: Sarinah Golden

Western Australia

Samantha Tilbury WA

Candidate 1: Samantha Tilbury

Sara Fargher WA

Candidate 2: Sara Fargher