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Leanne Paff

Leanne Paff NSWLeanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Newcastle University and has been a practicing Accountant since 1983. She conducted training and business consultancy in Sydney for most of the eighties and nineties. Even today, Leanne continues to utilise these business knowledge along with her other considerable training and competences in Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.

Since graduating from Nature Care College in 1992, Leanne has been a successful Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Homeopath, and is well known in the Coffs Harbour and Grafton area for her unique treatments combining all modalities of herbal medicine, homeopathy and remedial body work as a Consulting Practitioner. She also taught at NSW School of Natural Medicine for many years, where she supervised Naturopathic and Homeopathic Clinics.

More recently, Leanne has completed an Honours Degree in Psychology at Southern Cross University, and has been a Provisional Psychologist for 2 years with a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Shortly she will be a Registered Psychologist. She also teaches mindfulness (and holds a certificate in MBCT from the Mindfulness Centre Australia) meditation, courses and yoga to senior citizens.

Leanne has always been a passionate advocate for Natural Medicine and combined with her Psychological training and experience in Mental Health Agencies, with children and adults, she is a formidable force to bring about change in the arena of Health in Australia.

She stands as a Senate Candidate in NSW as an advocate for a broad range of health issues, across the spectrum of the environment and renewable energy, the individual’s right to optimum health and prevention of disease for all Australians, improvements for society as a whole especially in the Mental Health arena, better economical and financial systems, and a democratic process that sees equality and fairness for all without biases toward any groups or corporations.