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Sarinah Golden

Sarinah Golden QLDSarinah is 25 years old and lives on the Gold Coast.

She has had for years a keen interest in policy analysis to form effective strategies to improve current social conditions. Through completing a certificate in youth work she was able to recognise the social determinants of health on an individual level and became an impassioned advocate that things could change. Going on to do extensive volunteer work with homeless people she seeks to actively understand organisational and personal issues at a community level.

Recognising the strain caused by current social conditions and how they are increasingly impacting Australian families she became determined to understand and improve the way Australia is governed. Sarinah is currently completing her major in Social and Public policy and plans to follow with a Masters of Governance and Public Policy.

Sarinah’s interest in health developed through her childhood, where informed choice was promoted on an individual level. Seeing how healthcare impacts society on a personal level allows her to recognise the difficulties many others experience when trying to access good quality and holistic health services.

Sarinah recently became inspired to advocate for the informed choice of individuals, seeking to reveal how policy can impact Australia’s society and therefore economy in order to improve it. She saw in becoming a member of the Health Australia Party a great opportunity to serve the Australian community.