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How-to-Vote Card

We have finalised our national how-to-vote card. We have made some suggestions, being Parties whose policies regarding health are consistent with our policies, and who have mostly reciprocated support for the HAP. We don’t necessarily agree with every other policy of the Parties shown, but we believe that we can work constructively with them going forward. We have intentionally not preferenced any of the 3 major Parties – that is your choice.

Above the line, the final choice of whom you support, after giving your No. 1 vote to the Health Australia Party, is of course totally yours. You must number at least 6 Parties, but of course you may number more if you wish (as we show on our card). Once you have numbered at least 6 Parties you may leave the others un-numbered if you wish.

If you choose to vote below the line you must number at least 12 candidates, beginning with the HAP candidates No. 1 and No. 2, and then others in the order you prefer.

Open or download the double-sided How-To-Vote card of the Health Australia Party.

Two versions are available (for A4 paper).

1. Front and back on a single page:

HAP Voting Card - front and back on a single page


2. Two pages for double sided printing. Will cut into three cards:

HAP Voting Card - 3 x front on A4 layout - 3 x back on an A4 layout


Please note that if a VoteFlux senator is elected, and is allocated votes on the Flux system, we will use them to pursue the goals of the Health Australia Party.